Faith Can Move Mountains (And Save Babies)

Daniel’s entry into the world was as turbulent as his personality is fierce. Hundreds of friends and strangers prayed with us for a safe delivery, and we feared that even then he may always struggle with his health. Today he’s a strong, wild, beautiful boy.
So as the first anniversary of his arrival comes to an end, I’m saying prayers of gratitude for the tiny person God gave us a little bit early- frightening us just enough to show us what faith is, and reminding us that we achieve nothing on our own.


A Step in The Right Direction

In the wake of President Trump’s military response to the chemical attack in Syria, many Trump supporters have felt let down and betrayed; some have withdrawn their support completely. Yesterday, a bit of hope was restored. Quietly and without any media present, Trump signed a bill countering the Obama-era regulation that forbade states to withhold federal funding from facilities that provide abortions.

While giving this power back to the states likely will not make a difference in largely liberal states like California and Oregon, majorly conservative states will finally have the power to decide for themselves. It’s a victory not

Inside the Minds of the Abortion Industry

“If it is a joyful, welcome event, then that fetus deserves all the protection we can muster. If it is an unwanted or tragic prospect, that woman deserves loving support and access to the competent and compassionate care I mentioned before, including support to terminate the pregnancy or support her in her other choices.”

These are the words of Dr. Duane Dowell in his video detailing why he supports abortion.

What jumped out to me about Dr. Dowell’s video was his wording. It’s a basic understanding that to pro-choicers, the decision to abort a pregnancy is based on the mother’s feelings …