The Spring House Gazebo

Under-appreciated historical fact:

In October of 1927, George Remus (a Chicago lawyer and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s inspiration for Jay Gatsby) shot and killed his wife in front of this gazebo. This took place after she cheated on him with his former cellmate, liquidated his entire bootlegging empire while he was in prison, attempted (and failed) to have him deported and/or assassinated, and then tried to divorce him.

Remus defended himself in court, brought in an alienist (the term used before ‘psychiatrist’ was coined) to argue that the “majority of normal men” would have shot their wives under the same circumstances, …

Pizza and Journalism

Here’s an excerpt of an article I wrote last summer for the Gallatin News on a little pizza shop in Downtown Gallatin. It was my first newspaper publication, and my very first time conducting an interview. Go check it out!

“The atmosphere of Prince Street Pizza and Pub catches your attention before you even walk in the door. From the near-finished mural on the outside of the brick building to the various scribblings and messages covering the walls inside, the small town hangout instantly gives you the feeling of wanting to sit down and stay awhile…”